Team GSA

The GSA Story

Global Sports Analytics is a technology company that provides basketball analytics to teams, leagues, media, and fans worldwide.  

We are on a mission to change the way basketball is played, analyzed and enjoyed. 


Value Innovation 

As the world returns to normal, the game will be re-imagined. New ways of thinking will spur competition, engagement; and innovation will drive value. GSA is leading the way. 

For the Basketball Community, Our Solutions Are Game-Changers

For Fans, we have NumbersForTheWin (NFTW).  

A customizable basketball experience that includes global highlights, real-time analytics, tailored content, and games to win. 

We are launching the mobile version of NFTW for Android & IoS, and supporters of The Euclid Experience get exclusive access before we launch! 

For Teams, we provide the GSA EDGE.

A SaaS platform tailored for individual coaches with advanced analytics, scouting insights, and video analysis.

With the GSA EDGE, teams gain a competitive advantage by the numbers, while saving time, and reducing costs.

Brandon Smith

Founder and CEO

Cody Stratton


Ansley Diamond

Content and Digital Media

Bethany Luke

Content and Digital Media

Chris Iglesia