What Are Your Odds?

Getting a perfect bracket for March Madness has never been done and probably never will be done. The odds to get it right with numerous upsets and overtimes each season are one in a trillion. Each year thousands think “this is my year” and “I am going to get it right this time.” And then are proven wrong in the first 32 games very quickly.

Here's the math: https://math.duke.edu/news/duke-math-professor-says-odds-perfect-bracket-are-one-24-trillion

However, one individual was able to make a record-breaking guess of a verified 49 games in a row. He made it through the first round of sweet 16 without error, including 12 upsets in the first rounds. Odds of doing this were 1 in 281, 474,976, 710 for reference. His name was Gregg Nigl. Gregg Nigl entered the NCAA March Madness bracket game as “Center Roads” in the 2019 season. He was quickly given credit for his tremendous ability to predict NCAA basketball once his identity was revealed. He was given time on many shows asking how he did it.

But unfortunately, round two of sweet 16 was the end of his run, when Purdue won in overtime over Tennessee. With this he landed in 240,668th place after gaining the record for the longest streak in NCAA history for a March Madness Bracket.

As proven by Gregg Nigl’s story, predicting a final four game is just as important as predicting the first 16 games. When it comes to NCAA national championship the later games are crucial, more so than the initial rounds of play. So, as you head into the 2020 season of March Madness be sure to verify your bracket and place your research on the final four teams you anticipate. This year is going to look a lot different with a change from traditionally strong teams not making an appearance, such as UNC Chapel Hill, to weaker teams now having a chance. Many upsets and Cinderella stories are anticipated to happen.

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